Soundproofing Laminate Flooring: Cost and Benefits

Hard floor finishes, such as laminate, engineering and tile, require an elastic layer between soundproofing and floor finishing. We recommend using a sheet material, such as plywood sheets or interlocking MDF, which can be fixed with a floor-friendly adhesive, such as Isobond floor adhesive. To prevent possible flanking sound from being transmitted from the floor to the walls, insulate the floor with insulating tape attached to the wall. Two of our bases offer drum noise isolation: the Quickstep Unisound Combiflor (19 dB) and the Quickstep Silent Walk (17 dB). They can be used with laminate or engineering floors and are ideal for sneaking around for a midnight snack.

In addition, we have a wide selection of Transit sound-insulated underlayers. This is very useful to install above the ground floor and can give you peace of mind if you live in an apartment. These lower layers will dull any foot movement. If you want to know how much sound the base will absorb, we've included traffic sound reduction with each product in the list below. Our 2 mm foam and wood laminate floor base is our low-cost base that is suitable for all types of wood and laminate floors.

It is also suitable for use in wood and concrete subfloors. Each roll covers 15 m² (15 m x 1 m) and is 2 mm thick. It is also suitable for underfloor heating. They can also be used as a method to improve the impact qualities of any carpeted floor, acting as an impact-resistant layer that is placed underneath the existing carpet layer. The Noisestop acoustic base is compatible with most types of floors, including synthetic wood, laminate, tile and LVT. The rubber base not only helps to soundproof, it can also be used to insulate floors and keep them warm during the colder months.

My experience calling Soundstop for general help with soundproofing and specific help with their products has been a unique experience. The Noisestop Acoustic Underlay acoustic layer is a solution for overlapping floors that reduces airborne and impact noise through wood and concrete floors. When buying a solid, laminate or artificial wood floor, one of the most important things to consider is a suitable base coat; however, this is often overlooked. According to the figures, the Noisestop acoustic base reduces airborne sounds and impacts, with a reduction of 48 dB for sounds suspended in the air and 46 dB for impact sounds. We offer two soundproof base solutions: the 6 mm acoustic rubber base and the GenieMat RST base, available in 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm options. They can be used to reduce impact noise under laminate and structural engineering floors and, with the GenieMat RST base, can also be used as a method to improve the impact qualities of any carpet floor. The cost of soundproof underlay for laminate flooring depends on several factors such as size of area covered, type of material used, thickness of material used etc.

Generally speaking, it can range from $0.50 per square foot up to $2 per square foot depending on these factors. The benefits of using soundproof underlay for laminate flooring are numerous. It helps reduce noise levels from foot traffic or other sources such as appliances or music. It also helps reduce vibration from footsteps which can cause damage to your floor over time. Additionally, it helps insulate your home from outside noise sources such as traffic or neighbors. As an expert in soundproofing solutions, I highly recommend investing in soundproof underlay for your laminate flooring.

Not only will it reduce noise levels in your home but it will also help protect your floor from damage caused by vibrations over time.

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