How to Achieve Maximum Soundproofing with Laminate Flooring

When it comes to soundproofing your home, laminate flooring is a great option. Not only is it stylish and easy to install, but it also offers excellent sound insulation. The best acoustic bases for laminate floors are both 10 mm thick, so they don't significantly raise the floor height compared to a standard base layer. The SoundMat 3 Plus is an exceptional sound-absorbing mat designed to reduce unwanted impacts and airborne noise, and is especially suitable for final carpet floor finishes.

Generally, the thicker the laminate floorboards, the quieter they are. This is because they contain more high-density cores and allow for less sound transfer. Two of our bases offer drum noise isolation: the Quickstep Unisound Combiflor (19 dB) and the Quickstep Silent Walk (17 dB). They can be used with laminate or engineering floors and are ideal for sneaking around for a midnight snack.

If you're looking for soundproof underfloor heating for laminate floors, the Duralay Heat Flow is the best product. We always recommend placing a layer of hardboard of at least 6 mm on the soundproofing base before placing the laminate or vinyl to obtain a flat and stable base. In the case of all other soundproof mats, they need to be placed under the underfloor heating, because of their mass and the material from which they are made. As it is made of high-density foam, it will rectify any imperfections in the subfloor and help create a level surface on which to place the laminate.

If you're bothered to hear noises from other parts of the house in the bathroom, you might want to invest in a soundproof base. Proven sound insulation, such as the SoundMat 2 Plus, acts like a floating floor, helping to absorb vibrations from impacts before they enter the floor structure. The good news is that you can regain peace and quiet if you invest in a soundproof underlying floor solution. Because of how small and fragile floor tiles can be, you should not place them on soft, padded bases (as is the case with acoustic bases), as this increases the chance of them cracking and breaking.

Different layers of mass are cleverly combined with a closed-cell foam layer in an easy to install product that considerably improves the soundproofing capabilities of existing floors. Ideal for new construction, conversions and remodeling when there is a need to improve the soundproofing capabilities of floors, soundproof underlayment can be downloaded from our library of comprehensive data sheets and installation guides. Many companies claim that their base products completely block airborne sounds, but it's important to know if your floor is made of wood or concrete and what type of final finishes it has. Soundproofing your home with laminate flooring is an effective way to reduce noise levels in your home. By investing in quality acoustic bases such as SoundMat 3 Plus or SoundMat 2 Plus, you can achieve maximum sound insulation without significantly raising your floor height.

Additionally, make sure to place a layer of hardboard at least 6 mm thick on top of your soundproofing base before laying down your laminate or vinyl flooring for a flat and stable surface.

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