How Does Soundproof Underlay Work? A Comprehensive Guide to Reducing Unwanted Noise

The soundproof base works by reducing airborne or impact noise (or both), which escapes through the floor to the rooms below. Airborne noise is reflected off high-mass materials, while impact noise is absorbed and acoustic energy is converted to something like heat energy. The soundproofing base does more than create a barrier against unwanted noise - it also helps extend the life of your carpet. The SoundMat 3 Plus is an unparalleled sound-absorbing mat designed to reduce unwanted impacts and airborne noise, especially suitable for final carpet floor finishes.

The only function of the acoustic floor base is to reduce the amount of impact noise that travels through the floor due to falling objects, footsteps and the movement of furniture on the hard surface finishes of any type of building. Another great way to combat unwanted noise is to use an underlayer of carpet, which is much cheaper than professional home soundproofing. It makes sense to buy the best soundproofing layer you can afford. Our most popular soundproof base is the Noisestop 12 mm acoustic base. It effectively minimizes both impact and airborne sound, thanks to its two-layer design, which provides the weight needed to reduce airborne sounds, and to the closed-cell foam to absorb impacts.

This base layer complies with part E of the building regulations and effectively reduces noise levels in homes. It's ideal for reducing average levels of unwanted sound from a neighboring property, such as noise from people, noise from television, and conversations. The Noisestop acoustic base is compatible with most types of floors, including those made of artificial wood, laminate, tile and LVT. They dampen sound by separating the floor covering from the subfloor with a thick and dense insulating layer of felt, cork, rubber or other material, which absorbs acoustic energy before it reaches the rooms below. They are ideal for new constructions, conversions and remodeling when you need to improve the soundproofing capacity of floors. In the case of all other soundproof mats, they need to be placed under the underfloor heating, because of their mass and the material from which they are made.

One of the best soundproof underlayment materials on the market today is made from recycled rubber, which in most cases is made from used tires. In this case, a 12 mm hardwood layer would be needed on top of the bottom soundproofing layer before the floor tiles were laid. The subfloor, the layer between the floor covering and the subfloor, adds value to commercial flooring systems in many ways. All subfloors offer some noise reduction benefits, but if there are people living below you, choosing a soundproof subfloor will help reduce sound transmission. People have been trying to soundproof areas for centuries, and each method has different levels of effectiveness. The SoundScreed WF28 is a soundproofing solution for high-mass floors used to reduce high levels of noise in the air and help create peace and quiet in the home.

These methods work well to soundproof the overall area, but they don't address the sounds that reach the ground. Because of how small and fragile floor tiles can be, you should not place them on soft, padded bases (as is the case with acoustic bases), as this increases the chance of them cracking and breaking. However, soundproofing can be complex, and if you're not sure what the right soundproofing solution might be for your individual noise problem, we recommend that you always talk to an expert. Not everyone understands the full importance of sound reduction, especially when it comes to soundproofing floors. The number one rule of thumb when soundproofing any space is to add density to walls, ceilings and floors. Soundproof underlays are an effective way to reduce unwanted noise in your home or office space. By using a combination of high-mass materials and closed-cell foam layers that absorb acoustic energy before it reaches rooms below, these underlays can help create a peaceful environment where you can relax or work without distraction.

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