Should You Use Underlay with Underfloor Heating?

The base for underfloor heating is designed to work perfectly together with your heating system. It will not hamper your performance in any way and will allow heat to pass into the surrounding environment. At the same time, it will also significantly improve the look and feel of your new floor. If you have underfloor heating, you must use the Quick-Step Silent Walk base. This base keeps heat resistance within the allowable tolerances.

Using the correct base coat can stop moisture or condensation from accumulating and will reduce the risk of joints opening during the heating period. Other recommended options include our Duralay Underlay, Roma Underfloor Heating Underlay and Cloud 9 radiance range, all cheaper options compared to the Thermal Stream. All are perfectly suitable for use, especially if you're shopping on a budget; however, you risk losing that extra convenience due to the 10 mm thickness of the Thermal Stream if you decide to go with a different brand. But, strictly speaking, these are all suitable options for your underfloor heating, it really just depends on your personal preferences and, of course, your budget. When it comes to laminate and wood floors, the best base for your circumstances will be Duralay Heatflow.

It has a very low resistance index, which means that heat can flow through the floor very effectively. Your permanent floor covering is incredibly important when selecting the best underfloor heating base. Duralay Heatflow for wood laminate and is the best base for laminate floors with underfloor heating. In addition, the Duralay Heatflow range of bases is extremely durable and, relatively soundproofed, has an impact noise reduction index of 21 dB. Duralay Heatflow 26% wood laminate flooring is also ideal for use with engineered wood floors with underfloor heating. The base layer is vital for any type of floor, but if you have underfloor heating, there are a few more factors to consider.

A cork undercoat is the best option with underfloor heating. As cork is porous, it does not prevent heat from entering. It's also great for reducing sound, so you can use it comfortably upstairs. Due to its sound-reducing properties, it is also very good at eliminating sound in the event of an impact. You can use it without that movement under your feet.

If you're using an underfloor heating system and want to place your engineered wood floor on top of it, you'll need to use an underfloor heating base. They have been specifically designed with a low resistance index. This allows heat to be transferred from your underfloor heating system to your wooden floor. We have the best laminate floors for underfloor heating from the best brands such as Quickstep, Kronospan and Balterio Traditions in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Laminate is incredibly suitable for underfloor heating systems because it is tough and not prone to warping with changes in temperature. The Tredair King carpet base also has an acoustic installation rating of 42 dB, which will have a significant impact on reducing noise from your floor. If you are looking for a base coat for underfloor heating in combination with carpet, this is quite a specialized requirement.

You cannot use solid wood floors with underfloor heating because intense heat can dry them out, causing them to shrink and creating voids in the floor. The base layer you need will also depend on whether you are placing carpet or laminate over the underfloor heating. If you choose hydronic or forced air underfloor heating, there are two main considerations when selecting your base layer. These underlying layers have been specifically designed for use with underfloor heating systems and engineered wood floors. The type of underfloor heating you have, the material your floor is made of, and the tog rating of your base layer are important considerations when choosing the best underlayer for underfloor heating. The Combat Plus is a versatile base coat that can be used in many rooms of the house, including those with engineered wood floors.

Underfloor heating should only be used with engineered wood floors (not solid wood floors), and a base coat can be used if you want to float the floor above the underfloor heating system. It's worth noting that Duralay and Heatflow, for wood and laminate floors, are actually the most ideal for engineered wood floors with underfloor heating. If you're thinking about getting underfloor heating, you might be wondering if you need an underlayer for underfloor heating. LVT is another very durable floor material, making it one of the best options for installing heating above underfloor heating. Because of this, you probably won't feel the benefits of your underfloor heating if you opt for this style of floor covering. This product has been specially designed for use with underfloor heating (maximum temperatures of 45°C) and is also suitable for high-traffic areas of the house.

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