Can Soundproof Underlay be Used in Multi-Level Buildings?

To soundproof multi-level buildings such as apartment buildings, condominiums, and hotels, the subfloor is essential in blocking the transmission of structural and aerial sounds. You may be wondering if investing in an acoustic base or soundproof mats will limit the type of floor finish you can use. The answer is no, you won't be restricted. The soundproof base layers can be used with all types of floor finishes, though some may require a stabilizing layer before the final floor finish.

GenieMat RST is a revolutionary acoustic subfloor that offers high-level sound reduction for multi-family homes, skyscrapers, and commercial structures. At Pliteq, we manufacture and sell acoustic floor bases, but you may not need one. Ibari Body companies for multi-storey housing usually specify the specific soundproofing base required. As for porcelain and ceramic tiles, all wood finishes are suitable for their application and offer the same soundproofing properties.

The tiles must be fixed and installed and cannot be “laid loose”. The Noisestop acoustic base coat is a solution for overlapping floors that reduces airborne and impact noise through wood and concrete floors. If your apartment or condo uses a floating floor such as laminate or plywood, you must use a subfloor. This subfloor absorbs vibrations created when sound passes through floors, making it an effective soundproofing solution for both residential and commercial environments.

Customers who want greater air soundproofing can also add acoustic mineral wool under the floorboards. When looking for the subfloor of your laminate floor, you may come across the IIC-STC with a number next to it. The base coat will be glued in place or laid loose depending on the type of floor finish being used. Ideal for new constructions, conversions, and remodeling when there is a need to improve the soundproofing capabilities of floors, they can also be used as a method to improve the impact qualities of any carpeted floor by acting as an impact-resistant layer underneath the existing carpet layer.

You can place an artificial wood floor directly over these two soundproof base products using a perimeter band that flanks the edge of the room to prevent the floor from hitting any of the walls. Because of how small and fragile floor tiles can be, you should not place them on soft, padded bases (such as acoustic bases) as this increases the chance of them cracking and breaking. This subfloor also has a pre-installed vapor barrier to protect floors from moisture that escapes from concrete subfloors.

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