Can I Install Underlayment Under Laminate with Attached Padding? - An Expert's Guide

Laminate flooring with attached padding is a great choice for those looking for a quick and easy installation. The pre-installed cushioning eliminates the need for an extra step of laying down padding. However, it is important to note that most subfloors provide additional cushioning, which can be detrimental when combined with the padding already on the laminate floor. The extra friction can cause the subfloor to wear out quickly and make the floors less stable over time, leading to tension in the joints of the floating floor closure system. So, should you use a subfloor with built-in padded flooring? Absolutely.

Just make sure to select the appropriate subfloor for installation. If you're looking for superior acoustics, moisture protection, and support for your upper floor, FloorMuffler Encore is the best performing subfloor for installation on attached padded flooring. Investing in a higher quality counterweight will usually result in better performance. White subfloors tend to be cheaper but don't work as well. If you're installing a laminate floor with a pre-fixed base layer on concrete, it's also important to install a vapor barrier.

This will help protect against moisture damage. It is not recommended to use more than one layer of underlayment under the laminate floor, as it can make the floor too soft and unstable and cause the joints to come off or cause its closure system to break. You also run the risk of voiding the laminate floor warranty. Once you are sure that the laminate base is properly placed, you can install the laminate flooring on top. Even so, buying a laminate floor with a separate subfloor is something to consider, as it gives you more control over the installation and expands your options.

This type of subfloor has no additional padding, so it won't pose a risk to your laminate floor. Moisture protection is also an important factor when selecting a subfloor for floors with attached pads. Combining the attached pad and subfloor isn't just a waste of money, it's also very likely to damage your laminate installation. Laminate can make the floor feel colder in winter, especially when installed on a cold subfloor. From subfloors and counterweights to the type of laminate flooring you purchase, you must weigh all factors equally for optimal results. The next factor to consider when selecting the best subfloor for your integrated padded floor system is its acoustic performance.

Adding a premium subfloor, such as FloorMuffler Encore, to your built-in padded floor system can greatly increase its lifespan and add warmth to the flooring system. It's easy to find good laminate with an integrated base layer if that's what you choose, as companies are filling their catalogs with more and more options. If you want your laminate floor to have better noise reduction properties, opt for a premium subfloor with a high STC and IIC rating.

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